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Customer Reviews

I am doing one on one with some of my students, especially the one thatā€™s having behavioral problem. A lot of them are acting out because they have big emotions but they canā€™t verbalize, so Iā€™m using Feelinks dolls and itā€™s a big help for me. Itā€™s working really good with my one student and the mom told me she canā€™t thank me enough because they saw the changes.

M.S. Preschool Director, Owner and Teachers

My students absolutely love our FeelLinks! It has made our morning meetings way more meaningful and more applicable. They get excited to identify and share their feelings. They have been so honest with checking in with their feelings, and have really been open about how they start their days. One mom told me that at home, her son picked a bunch of stuffies, gave them each a feeling, and made his parents check in with him. How incredible!!! Thank you for making such an important and useful tool for our kids!

N.M. Kindergarten Teacher

My kids were able to use FeelLinks in a variety of ways to match their developmental levels from learning and practicing emotion words to identifying and describing emotion states and connecting them to personal experiences.

T. Cohen, Psy.D and mom of 3 boys

What a wonderful resource FeelLinks is for parents, children and educators. The materials are appealing to kids and help make meaning of their feelings (which can seem abstract to kids). These tools give them a concrete way to identify feelings and learn how to regulate them. The journal is wonderful as it provides the opportunity for self-reflection - which is critical to learning and growing!

Anne, Parent and School Counselor

I highly recommend the FeelLinks dolls and journal.Ā  As a school counselor, I use the dolls daily in my individual, small group, and classroom counseling session.Ā  The touch points on the dolls helps reinforce to students that emotions are felt inside of our bodies, as well as seen outside of our bodies.Ā  The journal gives students the opportunity to reflect upon, process, and express their thoughts and feelings in a safe and reassuring way.Ā  Both the dolls and the journal are high quality and can be used to supplement any social-emotional learning and/or applied educational neuroscience curriculum.

Gina S., M.Ed. School Counselor, McKinney-Vento Liaison

When I ask O, he says, ā€œItā€™s helping me to know that the feelings in my head have names.ā€ I think itā€™s helping him to understand excited or nervous or calm where he didnā€™t realize those were feelings he could describe.Ā  So far, it has been great for me as I find it hard to know the right thing about how to react in a moment, so all these tools have been helpful for me to think back about situations and try to handle them differently the next time. I think it helps me to listen differently and ask the kids a different type of question when they get upset, like rather than dismissing it, allowing them to express why they are upset.

D. Boone, mom of 2

I'm an educational psychologist and I highly recommend the FeelLinks dolls and journal. It is wonderful to have at home, in your classroom or in your therapy practice with little ones. At home, I love using FeelLinks to help our 3 1/2 year old daughter process and talk through her feelings. I felt like a lot of other tools didn't tap into her age group as well as I'd hoped, and this really does, while also being a tool that she can grow with. She loves how cuddly and soft the dolls are and she goes to them during or after big feeling moments to help her talk about her feelings. At times, it even calms her just by knowing she can go get one of them to cuddle while she's telling me how she feels. I love having a tool at home that helps her feel confident sharing her experiences and knowing that I'm helping her build emotional intelligence from a young age. Thank you FeelLinks!

Tara, Educational Psychologist, California

We are always on the lookout for exceptional strategies for teaching empathy to children and the FeelLinks team gets it just right. We recently ordered the feelings journal and accompanying feelings plushies for a gift and upon arrival, promptly ordered two more sets. The combination of thinking, writing, drawing, and interacting with manipulative figures is an excellent teaching strategy, whether in the classroom or at home. The set comes beautifully packaged and each piece is well-crafted. Highly recommended!

The EduGiveKids Team

Sometimes it's so hard to hear the truth. Your journal helped us today, thank you Marcelle ā¤ļø

J.F. - Mother of 1 boy

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