Partner with FeelLinks

I would love to be welcomed to your summit, conference, school, PTA meeting, parent/caregiver group, or anywhere adults want to learn more about fostering healthy social-emotional development and relationships with the children in their lives!Ā  I also enjoy social media collaborations, podcast interviews, television, radio, and guest writing. Let's collaborate!

Please email me at so that we can discuss partnership ideas!

Presentation and discussion topics include, but are not limited to:

  • Allowing Your Child to FeelĀ BIG Emotions
  • Benefits of Journaling for Children
  • Coaching Children Through Worry, Anxiety and Sadness
  • Connecting With Your Child When Emotions Are High
  • Discussing Tough Topics with Young Children
  • Domains of Self-Regulation and Stress
  • How Emotional Intelligence Impacts Resilience In Children
  • Kindness, As A Way Of Life
  • Self-Care Practices for All Ages
  • Supporting Emotion Co-regulation and Self-Regulation Skills
  • Teaching Children Gratitude
  • The Childā€™s Brain and How Emotions Affect the Brain
  • The Power Behind Naming Emotions
  • What is Emotional Intelligence and Why Is It Important?

Is thereĀ another topicĀ you would like for me to present to your group? Let's chat!