Partner with FeelLinks

I would love to be welcomed to your preschool, elementary school, PTA meeting, parent/caregiver group, or anywhere adults want to learn more about fostering healthy social-emotional development and relationships with the children in their lives! Happy to set up a virtual or in-person presentation.

I am also available for interviews on podcasts, television, radio, newspapers or as a guest blogger! 

Please email me at so that we can discuss your partnering ideas!

Presentation and discussion topics include, but are not limited to:

  • Managing BIG Emotions
  • Co-regulation -> Regulation Skills
  • The Child’s Brain
  • Connecting With Your Child When Emotions Are High
  • Domains of Self-Regulation and Stress
  • Teaching our Children Gratitude
  • Benefits of Journaling for Children
  • Kindness, As A Way of Life