Emotional Intelligence

Emotional intelligence is the ability to identify, understand, and manage your own emotions, as well as the emotions of others*. Those with high emotional intelligence demonstrate an understanding of what they are feeling, what their emotions mean, and how their emotions affect others. 

Strengthening emotional intelligence supports growth in*:

Self-awareness: Recognizing, labeling, and understanding emotions in ourselves and being aware of how they affect others.

Social skills: Establishing and maintaining healthy relationships with diverse individuals and groups. Being a team player and helping others reach their highest potential.

Motivation: Being highly productive, loving challenges, and possessing internal drive.

Empathy: Identifying and understanding viewpoints and moods of others; relating well to others.

Self-regulation: Waiting for the appropriate time to express emotions. Effectively managing and controlling impulses; thinking before acting.

Why is it important to understand and label our feelings?

Understanding and labeling our feelings allows us to identify exactly how we are feeling, why we are feeling that way, and how best to manage and choose regulation strategies. If children are skilled in labeling their emotions, adults are better able to understand and support their needs. Children will further benefit in understanding and supporting the needs of others.

Building emotional intelligence fosters a healthy well-being and promotes lasting benefits of: achieving personal goals, greater empathy, increased academic achievement, greater self-awareness, quality relationships, satisfaction at school and work, relating to others, and sensing the emotional needs of others*.

Why FeelLinks Started

Hello! My name is Marcelle, I am the proud creator and owner of FeelLinks. Two of the most significant roles in my life, being a mother and an educator, have guided me to pursue my passion in developing an intentional product promoting lifelong social and emotional skills in our children. While the story of why FeelLinks started is much more than I am able to fit on this page, here is a small glimpse in to how FeelLinks was born.

family on lake
My family lives in the beautiful Pacific Northwest

When I first began my teaching career, I was fortunate to start with some of our youngest learners teaching kindergarten. Immediately, it was quite evident that social-emotional learning would be a priority in our daily learning together. My students would benefit from explicit instruction in building positive relationships with classmates and teachers, gaining confidence, expressing feelings, understanding feelings of others, joining in play with peers, listening and speaking skills, and much, much more.

Despite my school's lack of an adopted social-emotional curriculum, I got creative and designed my own using a variety of resources.  My goals were to teach my students to demonstrate greater self-awareness, improved social skills and display greater empathy. The results of my efforts were a positive, respectful and trusting classroom environment.  After 8 years teaching kindergarten, then starting my own family, I moved into a director and lead-teacher position at a preschool. There, I implemented many of the same resources, tools, and strategies that had proven successful with my kindergarten students.

Throughout my years as an educator and becoming a mother myself, I knew that one day I needed to use my toolbox to create something meaningful. I learned a lot over the years from my students, colleagues, school families, and my own children. I continue to educate myself with research, books and classes. I listen to the struggles of the parents around me. These are all significant motivators in driving my passion even stronger.

I feel extremely concerned with the staggering rates of depression, anxiety, behavior concerns, troubles in school, and relationship difficulties affecting our children. I absolutely needed to do something positive to help support the social and emotional well-being of our youngest children so that we can swing the pendulum in a new direction for their futures.

FeelLinks is born…

FeelLinks was born from my experience and knowledge as a mother and teacher. FeelLinks focuses on building emotional intelligence in children; the ability to identify, understand, and manage their own emotions and the emotions of others. Scientific research has shown these skills to foster lasting benefits of greater self-awareness, quality relationships, greater satisfaction at school and work, increased academic achievement, and greater empathy. FeelLinks was intentionally created to support children in gaining positive, healthy, and lasting benefits.

Now is the perfect time for your child to begin using FeelLinks to support their growth in emotional intelligence; fostering important lifelong skills.

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*References: Mayer & Salovey. (1990, 1997), Daniel Goleman. (1995), CASEL Framework. (2020), Yale Center for Emotional Intelligence, and Dr. Marc Brackett (2020)