10 Tips For A Smooth Household During Summer

Does summer vacation give you a mix of emotions? For instance, excitement for more unstructured time - and also, stressed about more unstructured time!

Summer is a time for relaxation and fun, but maintaining some routine and order at home can make it even more enjoyable for everyone. Here are some tips to keep your household running smoothly during the summer.

Family Meeting  

Begin summer by holding a family meeting to set summer expectations. This is a great way to ensure that everyone is aligned and can enjoy summer together. There are several benefits to holding a meeting, including: gain an understanding of routines, responsibilities, schedules, plans, rules and expectations around parent/caretaker work schedules. 

Stay Organized

Create and post a family calendar to keep track of activities and appointments. Reduce morning stress by making sure to be prepared for whatever is coming up - particularly early morning camps. Have clothes, water bottles, snacks, etc. ready for the next day.

A Flexible Schedule

Create a general daily routine that includes time for waking up, meals, activities, and bedtime. While flexibility is important in the summer, a basic structure helps maintain order. In our home, we create a list called, “must do’s before want to do’s”.

Friends, Fun & Learning

Mix in time with friends! Keep up those social skills over the summer! Be sure to make time for them to hang out, play, and be active with peers. Mix in fun and engaging educational activities like reading, music, art, puzzles, cooking and writing to keep their minds active.

Outdoor and Physical Activities

Ensure there's plenty of time for physical activities, whether it's a going to the park, swimming, or playing in the backyard. Take time to explore nature, go on hikes, and/or have picnics.

Maintain Chores and Responsibilities

Create a summer chore list to outline each family member’s responsibilities. Keep routine tasks like cleaning up after meals and cleaning bedrooms as part of the daily schedule.

Limit Screen Time

Set limits on screen time to ensure it doesn’t dominate the day.  Designate screen-free zones and times to promote other forms of connection and interaction.

Plan Family Activities

Plan family outings or activities that everyone can look forward to - such as a trip to the beach, game nights or family movie night. Work on special projects together, like gardening or building a fort.

Rest, Reset and Sleep

Incorporate down time or quiet time into your routine where everyone can reset and recharge. Summertime means longer days, later sunsets and often later bedtimes. When possible, maintain a bedtime routine -  ensuring everyone gets enough sleep is sure to help keep the harmony in your household.

Encourage Independence

Encourage kids to play independently and explore their interests - this fosters creativity and self-reliance.  Allow older children to take on personal projects or hobbies, or volunteer in areas they are passionate about. Be sure to discuss the safety rules of play; helmets, sunscreen, neighborhood boundaries, hydration, water safety, etc.

By combining structure with flexibility and ensuring a mix of fun, learning, and responsibilities, you can create an enjoyable summer for the whole family.

Stay safe, enjoy the warm sunshine and your time together!

xoxo Marcelle


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