Dear Teachers, Thank you!

Pictured: Kindergarten student entering my classroom on his 1st day.  Same student grown, "exiting" my classroom, ready for high school graduation, and off to college. One of the most special moments I've had with a past student and family.

"Every kid is ONE adult away from being a success story" - Josh Shipp

As we celebrate our teachers during Teacher Appreciation Week, I would like to take this opportunity to share how we can show them our gratitude (not just this week, but always). 


Let's think of a life without teachers - I mean, really, we can't envision it because it would not be possible. Without teachers we would not have our artists, authors, veterinarians, doctors, engineers, scientists, or mechanics. . . the list goes on and on.

Our teachers are worthy of celebrating They spend much of our children's waking hours inspiring, educating, valuing, and preparing them for life's journey - they are our kids' cheerleaders and essentially our parenting partners. 

As a former Kindergarten Teacher, let me share a few secrets about what your teachers really want from you!

1. I/We appreciate you. Saying "thank you" is a meaningful way to let your teachers know that you respect them and feel grateful for what they do each and every day.

2. You are making an impact. This lets our teachers know that they are impacting children beyond the classroom walls.

3. My child loves learning about this topic and is inspired. This can come from you or even better, your child can tell their teachers how much a topic has inspired them!

4. Your hard work is noticed. We all know that teachers put time in all day, early in the mornings, in to the evenings, and on the weekends. Teachers do not leave their jobs behind when they leave their classrooms for the day. Teachers often give up personal or family time for their careers.

5. How can I support you? This can be something you ask your teachers all year long! Teachers can always use helping hands. Everything from donating classroom supplies, volunteering to help with a school or at home project, planning a classroom event, or offering to go in to read a special story as a guest reader; giving your teacher a little "break" - side note: I highly recommend reading a meaningful book such as, Feel Trip: A journey through ordinary emotions! 😉


Your words mean so much to a teacher. Taking time throughout the year to let them know how they have impacted your child and your family, is incredibly meaningful. 

Teachers are masters at hiding all the behind the scenes work. Bulletin boards, meetings, conferences, organizing, sanitizing, copying, seating charts, lesson planning, grading papers, writing newsletters, spending out-of-pocket for supplies, continuing education courses, district trainings, principal evaluations...the list goes on and on and on. Please, celebrate the beautiful individuals that care deeply for our children.


If you are a teacher, I want to express my deep gratitude for you. Your dedication to nurturing the children of today and the children that are the future of our world - thank you for every single moment you put in to the life of a child. Remember, it takes ONE caring adult to impact the life of a child.

xoxox Marcelle

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