Nurturing Reflections: Connecting With Children on the Year Gone By

As the year draws to a close, taking time to reflect on the past 12 months becomes a valuable opportunity for families to bond and share in each other’s experiences. Engaging our young children in this reflective process not only strengthens family connections but also fosters emotional intelligence and gratitude. Here are some simple yet meaningful ways to reflect on the past year with your kiddos.

Memory Scrapbook

Create a memory scrapbook together, capturing significant moments throughout the year. Encourage your kiddos to draw or write about their favorite memories, whether it’s a special outing, cozy time at home, a birthday celebration, or a noteworthy achievement. This hands-on activity provides a tangible keepsake and opens the door for conversations about the events that shaped the year.

Family Reflection

Set aside dedicated family reflection time, perhaps during a cozy evening at home. Create a relaxed environment - dim the lights, put on quiet, calming music, and encourage conversation (yep, put down those phones and turn off the television). Prompt your kiddos with questions like, “What was your favorite part of this year?” or “Is there something special you learned or discovered?” This fosters a sense of belonging and allows each family member to share their unique perspective.

Gratitude Jar

I have spoken about this practice in the past. Our family creates an annual gratitude jar. We have a jar in our living room and throughout the year we each write down the things we are grateful for on small pieces of paper. On New Years Eve we take turns reading these notes aloud. It’s a heartwarming way to focus on the positive aspects of the year and instill gratitude in their young minds.

Year-End Memories Movie Night

Compile short video clips or photos from various events throughout the year and create a year-end slideshow or movie night - as a Mac and iPhone user, I know they will automatically create this for you! Gather together as a family with popcorn and root beer floats (that's our family tradition) and reminisce about the shared experiences. This visual journey helps children connect with their memories in a fun and engaging way.

Goal Setting for the New Year

As you reflect on the past year, involve your children in setting goals for the upcoming year. These goals can be simple and age-appropriate, such as learning a new skill, trying new foods, or spending more time outdoors. Encourage them to articulate their aspirations, and discuss how the family can work together to achieve these goals.

Artistic Expression

Provide art supplies and encourage your kids to express their reflections through drawings or paintings. This creative outlet allows them to communicate their emotions and perceptions visually. Displaying their artwork becomes a beautiful reminder of the journey you’ve shared as a family.

Storytelling Circle

Create a storytelling circle where each family member takes turns sharing a story or memory from the past year. This interactive activity not only reinforces communication skills but also allows everyone to gain insights into each other’s feelings, experiences, and perspectives.

Reflecting on the past year with our children is a meaningful way to strengthen family bonds and promote emotional well-being. Through creative activities and open conversations, families can celebrate achievements, navigate challenges, and look forward to the new year with a sense of gratitude and optimism.

Wishing you a new year filled with love, hope, kindness, health and adventure.

xo Marcelle

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